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Cynthia Morahan

Host of Daybreak

Photo of Cynthia Morahan

Producer and presenter on Radio New Zealand Concert and newsreader on RNZ National.

Radio New Zealand Concert is the culmination of two of Cynthia Morahan's great loves: music and talking.

Cynthia first joined Radio New Zealand in 2002 from a career on the production side of the film and television industry. 

She has since spent seven years in Ireland working for RTE, Ireland's national broadcaster, and returned to New Zealand in 2013.

"Because we wanted our children to know the joy that is wearing jandals all summer and raising the end of their sentences when they speak," she says.

As well as hosting programmes on Radio New Zealand Concert, Cynthia can also be found reading the news on Radio New Zealand National, swimming, reading and listening to a lot of music.

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