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Clarissa Dunn

Host of Music Alive

Photo of Clarissa Dunn

"If I cannot fly, let me sing."

― Stephen Sondheim

Clarissa couldn’t agree more.

After completing a conjoint Law and Arts degree at Auckland University, Clarissa pursued her passion and studied voice at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia. This led to an internship at Queensland Opera and then years of singing adventures in Europe and the UK.

Clarissa moved to Wellington in 2009 after a period in Sydney. She sings with NZ Opera, writes features on historic theatres and has joined the Board of NZ Theatre Archive. She also loves cycling (flying on terra firma) and is enthusiastic about seeing the world by bicycle.

Clarissa loves working in radio. With its blend of words, music and voices it’s just like her favourite opera frock: a great fit.

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