14 May 2018

10 quick questions with The Ten Tenors

From Upbeat, 1:20 pm on 14 May 2018

Meet The Ten Tenors.

The Australia based music ensemble was first founded in the late 90s, and since then has had a rotation of talented vocalists.

They combine classical arias with pop and rock, attracting a newer audiences to opera.

Cameron Barclay is the first fully fledged kiwi in the 10 tenors.

The former Dame Malvina Major Emerging arts joins nine of the other Tenors to answer 10 quick questions from Upbeat’s Zoë George

1. What’s the difference between a tenor and a baritone?

Paul Gelsumini: “Range and quality [are the] two biggest things. Normally the tenor is more heroic. Baritones mostly plays the sinister characters.”
“Tenors are just better people overall!” Daniel adds. “And more humble!”

Tenor Paul Gelsumini

Tenor Paul Gelsumini Photo: Supplied

2. How low can you go?

James Watkinson: “there’s a couple of us who can go quite low but myself I’m not a particularly low voice… who’s the lowest here? Probably Daniel”.
“I’m the lowest singer,” Daniel says in a high pitched voice.

Tenor James Watkinson

Tenor James Watkinson Photo: Supplied

3. Sing us a line from your favourite song

Florian Voss: sings ‘Wish you were here’ by Pink Floyd.

4. What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on stage?

Adrian di Lonni: “Probably not singing at all, just standing there, like, ‘who’s turn is it now? ... oh wait it’s me!’. [To cover it up] I smile…and look at the others… They’re all pointing at me and I’m pointing at them.”

Adrian di Lonni

Adrian di Lonni Photo: Supplied

5. Popera or opera?

Michael Edwards: “Popera definitely. It’s just more interesting. Operas go too long.”

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards Photo: Supplied

6. Who’s the lead singer?

Keane Fletcher: “There’s no lead singer. Everybody’s got their own tenor qualities. We’ve got some rock singers, some opera singers. Everyone gets their moment.”
(That was rather diplomatic!)
“Everyone was giving him dagger eyes!” Daniel adds.

Keane Fletcher

Keane Fletcher Photo: Supplied

7. Does “what goes on tour, stays on tour”?

Jared Newall: I can’t even answer that question I’m sorry! I’m actually embarrassed that you asked!” (Nervous laughter from The Ten Tenors).

Tenor Jared Newall

Tenor Jared Newall Photo: Supplied

8. Who’s the messiest room-mate?

Cameron Barclay: “The same guy who forgot the lyrics.”
“I’ll own that,” Adrian confesses.

Tenor Cameron Barclay

Tenor Cameron Barclay Photo: Supplied

9. Who’s the loudest?

Daniel Bell: “me!”

Tenor Daniel Belle

Tenor Daniel Belle Photo: Supplied

10. Do your best Kiwi accent

Nigel Huckle: (in a very convincing accent) “I’m gonna pick up some milk from the store”.
Round of applause from the other Tenors. Cameron is nominated by the group to show off his accent.
“I am a Kiwi. So I’d say… I’d pick up some milk from the dairy… nek minnit!” Cameron says.

Tenor Nigel Huckle

Tenor Nigel Huckle Photo: Supplied

Bonus question: Did you give your mum the latest Ten Tenors album for Mother’s Day?
“I give it to her every mother’s day… just the same album.”
“We get a deal on them.”
“They expect it now don’t they!”

The Ten Tenors

The Ten Tenors Photo: Supplied