13 Jul 2018

Online petition opposing Cooks development attracts interest

4:55 pm on 13 July 2018
Avana point, Cook Islands

Avana point, Cook Islands Photo: Change.org

There is growing opposition in the Cook Islands to a house planned by a foreign developer on a culturally and environmentally significant part of the island of Rarotonga.

Te Ipukarea Society's Liam Kokaua said Avana Point is the site most threatened by cyclones, and that any building would have to be on the makatea, or uplifted coral, at the foreshore edge

And he said Avana Point had huge significance for people with an interest in the ancient Polynesia voyagers who left and returned to Rarotonga.

"It's well known in both Cook Islands Maori and New Zealand Maori traditions that this was one of departure points."

"It might not have been the initial stop it was probably the final stop before they travelled to Aotearoa, on that final stretch, so it's very important, in terms of voyaging heritage."

An online petition protesting the development already has the backing of 1100 people.