4 Feb 2019

Reuben Taipari discusses Don Brash Waitangi invitation

From Morning Report, 7:45 am on 4 February 2019

The Ngapuhi member who invited Don Brash to speak at Waitangi says they want to hear his views. Dr Brash - a former National Party leader who now fronts Hobson's Pledge, a group lobbying against race-based policies - will speak at Waitangi's lower marae tomorrow. But he's received a more-than-frosty reception in the past; with a protestor flinging mud in his face in 2004. And there's already opposition to his return to the marae. The chair of He Korowai Trust, Ricky Houghton, wants Don Brash to stay away from Waitangi. An environmental activist who chairs Te Ahikaaroa Trust. Reuben Taipari, invited Don Brash to speak. He tells Guyon Espiner why.