12 Feb 2019

Nelson firefighters to dampen hot spots for weeks

From Morning Report, 6:09 am on 12 February 2019

Firefighting crews expect to remain on the ground in Nelson for at least the rest of the month. They say the fire is yet to be contained and while evacuated Wakefield residents were allowed to return home yesterday evening, they've been told to be ready to flee again at short notice. There's still no word on when hundreds who had to leave their homes in valleys south of the town will be able to return. Jason and Melissa Elvines and their three children were evacuated from Pigeon Valley six days ago. They were able to visit their property briefly on Monday but after seeing smouldering hot spots they doubt they'll be able to return any time soon. They told our reporter Conan Young they noticed smoke from the fire on Tuesday and had an anxious night waiting to see what would unfold.