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Saturday 16 February 2019 Rāhoroi 16 Hui-tanguru 2019

  • 12:04 AM. All Night Programme

    Including: 12:05 Music after Midnight (RNZ); 12:30 Laugh Track (RNZ); 1:05 From The World (BBC); 1:45 HistoryWars  (RNZ);  2:05 NZ Live (RNZ); 3:05 Pigs Might Fly by Ian McKissack (RNZ); 3:30 The Week (RNZ); 4:30 Global Business (BBC); 5:10 Sporting Witness (BBC); 5:45 Voices (RNZ)

  • 6:08 AM. Storytime

    Plum Jam, by Alex Gillet, told by Anne Budd; Kapa Haka, by Katerina te Heikoko, told by Lynette Crawford Williams; The Mouse Bride, by Joy Cowley, told by Ken Blackburn; Wild West Gang Go Camping, by Joy Cowley, told by Robert Tripe; Paper Nautilus, by Alan Bagnall, told by Stephen Tamarapa; Invasion of the Elephants, by Leanne Dellow, told by Anne Budd (RNZ)

  • 7:10 AM. Country Life

    Memorable scenes, people and places in rural New Zealand (RNZ)

  • 8:10 AM. Saturday Morning with Kim Hill

    A mixture of current affairs and feature interviews, until midday (RNZ)

  • 12:12 PM. The Podcast Hour

    In The Podcast Hour Richard Scott hunts out the best podcasts from New Zealand and around the world to help you discover what to listen to next (RNZ)

  • 1:10 PM. Music 101

    The best songs, music-related stories, interviews, live music, industry news and music documentaries from NZ and the world

  • 5:00 PM. The World at Five

    A roundup of today's news and sport (RNZ)

  • 5:10 PM. Focus on Politics

    Analysis of significant political issues presented by Radio New Zealand's parliamentary reporting team (RNZ)

  • 5:30 PM. Tagata o te Moana

    Pacific news, features, interviews and music for all New Zealanders, giving an insight into the diverse cultures of the Pacific people (RNZI)

  • 6:06 PM. WOMAD Taranaki

    Highlights from World Music festival in New Plymouth (RNZ)

  • 7:06 PM. Saturday Night with Phil O'Brien

    An evening of requests, nostalgia and musical memories (RNZ)

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