12 Jul 2018

MBIE rules Aramoana man's structure is a house, not a boat

7:20 pm on 12 July 2018

An Aramoana man's arc-like structure has been officially ruled a house, despite his declarations he is building boat.

Aramoana man Just Doi has asked the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to step in to a dispute between him and the Dunedin City Council over whether his home is a boat or a house that requires a building consent.

Aramoana man Just Doi has been building a structure he claimed is a boat that cost him $50,000. Photo: Otago Daily Times/Stephen Jaquiery

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ruled against Just Doi yesterday, who received a notice to fix from the Dunedin City Council last year.

The council had issued Mr Doi with a notice to fix because it considered what he is building himself and living in is a building, not a boat.

The council considers the structure a house built without consent.

It was the second notice to fix issued against Mr Doi by the council since 2011.

Mr Doi started the structure on another property in Aramoana about 10 years ago.

He was also issued a notice to fix by the council at the time.

Council community services general manager Simon Pickford said Mr Doi has the option of appealing the decision.

Until the appeal is over, the council will not make any decision on what steps to take next, Mr Pickford.

The structure has become a tourist attraction in the coastal settlement, Mr Doi said.